An effective, quality anti-fog spray to go.

Whether you're cooking at home, drinking a hot beverage, or just wearing a mask during a pandemic, you know how annoying it is when your glasses fog up. Enter ifog: a portable, lightweight, and effective solution to keep your lenses from fogging up.

Why choose ifog?

- Defogs instantly
- Streak-free
- Prevents fogging
- Good for non-AR coated lenses
- Works any season
- MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) compliant
- Lasts up to 48 hours

Works with all lenses

Having clear lenses is not a luxury--it's a RIGHT! Fight for your right, join us in our righteous war against the terrible Lens Fog!

I have tried many products to keep my glasses free of fog, and iFog is the best!

Sanie Wong